Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today It was cold and I was tight, but out I went. Somewhat windy I find my arms pretty darn cold in a short sleeve getup.

Weather: Cloudy, windy 45
Time: 32min
Distance: 1.95m
Pace: 16:26/mi


Cheatday breakfast at Lunds, pretty clearly not paleo.

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Yesterday (friday)

Awesome Full round of PT with Sam. Sam has been commenting that her back has been hurting some so after seeing how great my results have been, she decided to join me for some PT. We did about 10 different back drills and I did an additional 4 knee drills. Yesterday my legs were tight but no way near as bad as they had been and walking was still totally comfortable. Luckily it looks like we've finally made the turn for consistent above 30 degree weather, so I'll be able to get the bike out next week to bike on the off days for running and bike for errands. Also made it through the MWOD again and am going to try to get those in daily to see if it helps with some of the soreness I've got. The back has gotten much stronger and tends to hurt less in the same old places but I've got a lot of soreness so hopefully Kstar can help me out with that.

Eating was not so great and today is a cheat day so it won't look all to great today either but I'm going to try to keep full track of it for all of next week and see what happens. Today is also a running day so i'm excited to see how that feels.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Running and Food

Working through C25K again, trying to get my legs back under me.
Today was the beginning of repeating Week One, I didn't quite feel ready for week two and since the major goal is to move not to move fast, sounds like a good idea not to push it and get injured again. On tuesday I did a week one run and unlike the previous two runs I really wasn't sore at all the next day, i think i went faster today and defiantly much farther so we'll see tm. Here's the breakdown of the run from my nike+
1.85m - 29.39min @ 4:40pm, sunny warmish(50?) wet trail run on the green way.

So far today -
zone omelet, greens, one pc toast and 140c ginger beer.
large salad for lunch

That's about it, i need to get PT in still for the day, however that is going well and my back finally (3 wks later) has noticeable signs of improvement.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Breakfast lunch snack

Peanutbutter and bannana sanwhich on wheat

Cheese lean hot pocket
Cellery and guac
Cup of spagehti with red sauce

Red bull


Silk yogurt
Fiber one 90 bar
Nutri soda

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Monday, February 1, 2010


artichoke, goat cheese, tomato grilled sandwich
home fries
cinnamon roll


Soy yougurt
Fiber bar 90
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